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Exploration into the Metal Element with Tash

Join Tash for this workshop inspired by Traditional Chinese Medicine and the elements. Autumn is the season of the Metal element; just as the leaves on the trees start to let go of their leaves, so can we.

Focusing our intention on taking in, letting go and moving with purpose, we will nourish the qualities of the Metal element and its corresponding organs: the lung and large intestine, both agents of elimination in the body.

Expect a structured yoga flow moving into chest openers and using props to support us; Myofacial Release to help us let go of tension - using balls and props; and a pranayama practice to deepen the breath. This will all be accompanied by warm, spicy and hydrating foods to balance the cooling energy here. The session will include time to reflect, share and enjoy time in community.

Leave this workshop balanced, restored, and feeling ready to let go into Autumn.

Exploration into the Metal Element with Tash Stroud Sky Yoga

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