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Are you ready to up-level your movement practice on and off the mat? We’ve got you covered with our newest Pilates Reformer offering at SSY. 


The Reformer is rightly celebrated as one of Joseph Pilates’ most ground-breaking inventions! 


A sleek, spring-loaded carriage that allows clients to stabilise, strengthen and dynamically challenge proprioception, balance, coordination & movement skill.


It’s used internationally across both the movement and physiotherapy communities - transforming not only peoples’ bodies and their pilates practice, but other athletic skills from running to tennis, golf, swimming and even weight-training. If you’ve never tried it, you’re in for quite an experience...


Here at SSY we use top-of-the-line Balance Body reformers, offering a range of sessions for beginners to more advanced practitioners. See below for our weekly timetable of group classes and private 1:1s. As ever, if you’ve any questions our team would be happy to outline what you might expect in your first Reformer session. 

Reformer Pilates Stroud
Reformer Pilates Nailsworth


Weekly classes offer a 60 minute, full-body workout within an imitate group - allowing our teachers to get to know your body and guide you through how to activate it using your Reformer. Each class is £25 as a drop-in fee, with memberships and class passes giving you access for as little as £12 per session.


Tuesday 11.15am

Tuesday 12.30pm

Tuesday 6.15pm

Tuesday 7.30pm 

Thursday 11.15am

Thursday 12.30pm

Thursday 6.15pm

Thursday 7.30pm


Private sessions on the reformer are the perfect opportunity for one-to-one, personalised care from one of our skilled team of instructors.


A bespoke session allows you to work through specific issues you’re experiencing within your body, or elements within your practice that you’d like to improve.


We recommend having at least one 1:1 ahead of joining our group classes, to give you the best understanding of how to tailor your sessions to what your body needs.


These are also a wonderful tool for anyone entering back into exercise after injury or illness; please speak to the team to identify the right session and instructor for you. 

We have some standard availability for those who are ready to book now, or if you'd prefer a chat first then we would love to hear from you.

Reformer Pilates Nailsworth
Yoga in Nailsworth


Head to our dedicated in-studio page to book and find out more about our other classes.

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