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Exploration into the Earth Element with Tash

Join Tash for this workshop inspired by Traditional Chinese Medicine and the elements. Late summer is the season of the Earth element; a time for nourishing our bodies and minds, associated with the harvest.

Focusing our intention on rooting, grounding and moving from our centre, we will nourish the qualities of the Earth element and its corresponding organs: the spleen and stomach, both agents of digestion (both of food, and other things we consume).

Expect a grounding yoga flow focusing on the quads and core of our being, nurturing Myofacial Release using balls and props and supportive Yin postures. This will all be accompanied by nutritious food to balance the changing energy at this time of year. The session will include time to reflect, share and enjoy time in community.

Leave this workshop feeling nourished, grounded, at ease and ready to embrace the change of seasons.

Exploration into the Earth Element with Tash Stroud Sky Yoga

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