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Self Care Day Retreat

After the success of our previous self care day retreat, we are hosting another!

Join Briony & Sarah on 20th March for an entire day of bliss.

You will enjoy yoga, breathwork, meditation, sound baths, reiki and massage. You'll also receive lunch, a goodie bag, and access to the hot tub and beautiful gardens.

We'll start the best way we know how, with a slow yoga movement practice, which will help you reconnect with your body and release tension.

After lunch we will reconvene for a breathwork and meditation session. Focusing on breathwork is a wonderful way to lower your heart rate and blood pressure, and in turn reduce any feelings of anxiety. We will practice meditation and talk about the way to access the stillness of meditation within your everyday life.

You will have the joy of a deep tissue massage which will be nourishing for both your body and your mind.

The day will end with a magical sound bath and reiki experience. Sarah will provide a vocal sound bath, toning to each of the energy centres in the body, and Briony will use our beautiful crystal bowls, tibetan bowls, gongs and chimes to create a symphony of healing vibrations. Briony and Sarah will provide reiki to each of you during this sound bath heaven.

If you are in need of deep relaxation then this is the retreat for you! You will feel calm, restored, energised yet ready for a long night's sleep.

day retreat in bristol

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