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New Aerial Yoga Class at Stroud Sky Yoga

We are excited to announce that we have a new Aerial Yoga class starting at Stroud Sky Yoga! Starting from the 4th October, you will be able to join us on Tuesday evenings for an Aerial Yoga class! TUESDAYS | 6.15PM | 1 HOUR

WHAT IS AERIAL YOGA? Aerial yoga is relatively new in the Western world, but the roots date back to BKS Iyengar who used a rope within his yoga teachings in the mid-1900's in India. The hammock is a lot softer on the body than Iyengar's rope but we still use the same principles, using the hammock to assist with alignment while developing both strength and mobility. In our more playful classes we will use the hammock as support for inversions as well (turning upside down!) We also use the hammock as a cocoon to support relaxation at the end of class.

New Aerial Yoga Class at Stroud Sky Yoga

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