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Lockdown Workshops

We are excited to announce that we've got three online workshops to entertain you over the next month.

Aerial Yoga Stretches at Home

14th November @ 11am

The aerial hammock assists with some deep stretches, helps you to focus on your alignment, and it guides your balance. Briony will give you some ideas for how to use objects around your home to achieve a similar effect! Although we won't be hanging around upside down, we can still obtain some of the benefits that the hammock provides.

Arm Balances Workshop

21st November @ 11am

This popular workshop is back for another round! We will spend some time working on what is required to achieve these arm balances (strength and flexibility) and then we will give them a go! Briony is on hand with tips and tricks to help you on your way to balancing your crow, side crow, firefly, raised lotus and headstand.

Splits Workshop

This one is going to be especially ideal after 4 weeks of lockdown. Spend 90 minutes working on lower body flexibility, releasing tightness in the hips, glutes and hamstrings, and perhaps attempting the splits for those who are interested. If you have attended this one recently, why not come along and see what progress you have made over the past few weeks (tip: keep attending Briony's weekly classes!!)

If lockdown continues into December then we will absolutely be putting on more workshops to keep you lovely folks busy however we are trying not to tempt fate.

online yoga classes with Bristol based yoga teacher

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