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June: An Update on Classes, Workshops and Membership

We are heading into another month of virtual classes and we are incredibly grateful to all of you for your loyalty and your company during this time. It is vital that we continue to look after both our mental and physical health so keep showing up on your mat!

Our live classes are all hosted through Zoom so if you have any questions about that then get in touch.


A recap of the live class schedule:

Wednesday 7pm-8pm - Slow stretch

Sunday 10am-11am - Energising Flow

Sunday 8pm-9pm - Restorative


We also have weekly workshops which are held on Saturdays 2pm-3.30pm. These are either focused on strength, or flexibility.

6th June - Upper Body Strength (arms, shoulders and core)

13th June - Lower Body Flexibility (working towards splits)

20th June - Lower Body Strength (glutes, quads and hamstrings)

27th June - Upper Body Flexibility (working on backbends)

Drop in Prices:

The drop in price for classes is £5 and the drop in price for workshops is £10.


We have three membership options available to you:

  1. £20/month - one class a week, and 30% off workshops

  2. £30/month - unlimited classes, and 50% off workshops

  3. £50/month - unlimited classes and unlimited workshops

How to book:

For drop ins, head over to the booking page and follow the steps to book your class or workshop.

For memberships, send your payment through paypal to "" and then jump onto the zoom call using the usual details.

If you are a member and want to use the booking system so that you have reminder emails with the zoom details included then get in touch for a code to use on the booking system once you have made your payment.

If you have any questions at all then please get in touch!

Yoga teacher performing three legged dog for zoom yoga class

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