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Getting started with Reformer...

Have you been eyeing up our reformer pilates offerings but wondering where to start? Well, here is a little guide to help you find the right option for you.

Option one - a private session

Our lovely team really enjoy supporting you on a one-to-one basis. If you've been away from movement for some time, or are coming with some injuries or conditions, this is a good way to ensure you're getting the support you need when you're just starting out. We'll work with you to help you gain the strength and confidence to join our group classes.

Most people are happy to join our group classes after a one private session, so we offer a trial package that provides for one private session, and then 8 group reformer classes. You can purchase this option here.

Although, we totally understand that some people prefer a little more time to get to know the reformer and build their confidence before joining a group class, so we also offer a package that is simply three private sessions, and you can purchase this option here.

Once you've purchased your option, you can view the team's availability here and get your sessions booked in. I'd recommend having a look at the availability before purchasing your option above, to make sure our schedules align.

Option two - a beginners reformer workshop

We love group training at SSY. Training with others helps you progress faster, improves your mental health, and gives you a wonderful sense of community.

We run regular beginners reformer workshops with the next ones coming up on 15th June. You'll get to know the reformer and how to use it, alongside folks who are also completely new to it.

You can either purchase the workshop as a one off event below, or you can choose to include it as one of the classes in a trial package. The best trial package for this includes 4 reformer classes - so you'd be able to try the beginners workshop, and then 3 regular group classes. You can sign up for that here.

Book in for one of these workshops here.

Option three - jumping straight in!

If you're feeling confident, or have done reformer before, then we'd love for you to jump straight into a group class. You can choose a trial option here and then get booking into your classes!

All of our reformer classes are suitable for all levels. We'll offer alternatives if you've got a restriction, and we'll offer advancements if you're super strong and looking to progress.

Next steps

Whichever option you choose, we can't wait to meet you.

Here are some quick links that you might find useful:

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