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Forming Lasting Habits...

Research has shown that one of the best ways of sticking with a new habit, is to start it with a friend.

You're far more likely to still be practicing yoga in a year if you sign up to practice with a friend or family member.

We understand the importance of having that support, that community, that person by your side.

That's why we usually have some kind of referral program running, to encourage you to invite someone along with you to class, to help you form that lasting habit, to really reap the benefits of your yoga practice.

This January you can join us with a friend in a number of ways:

If your friend is not quite sure:

We can understand that. It's not always easy to part with your cash based on your friend telling you to do it! Your friend can join one class with you for free, to see how they feel before signing up. Just send us their name and email address so we can book them in with you.

If your friend is keen to catch up:

If you're already a part of our New Yoga Resolution membership and your friend wants to join you, we will offer you both a free class pass upon completion of the membership so you can continue practicing together. Simply tell us once your friend has signed up and we can apply the credit.

If you and your friend want to sign up together:

We love seeing two yogis sign up for a membership together, that's when we know they're definitely going to be still practicing months down the line. If you and your friend would like to sign up together, just let us know and we'll apply a discount to your sign up fee.

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