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Yoga props!

When kitting out the studio, I did a lot of research into selecting which suppliers I wanted to use. I am keen on supporting female led, environmentally conscious, independent businesses. One of my favourites is Ekotex Yoga. All of the blocks, bricks and bolsters at the studio have been supplied by Ekotex Yoga.

Ekotex Yoga is a female owned and UK based independent business. They are committed to sustainable and ethical sources for their products and they use all recycle-able packaging (no plastic! not even tape!)

Yoga props are a great addition to your practice. Blocks help you access poses that are not quite available to you by bringing the floor closer to you. It is preferable to have good form rather than caving in so that you can reach the floor, blocks will help with that. Bolsters are perfect for a restorative practice and for a more relaxing savasana at the end of practice.

I do usually recommend yogi bare mats however these are not within everyone's budget. Ekotex Yoga offer some affordable mats, some of which are recycled!

At the moment it is not known how long until the studio will be able to open but regardless of this, online classes will continue. Practicing yoga at home will continue for many of us so it's a good idea to purchase some props. You will also be welcome to bring your own props to the studio if you would like to do so.

If you want to check out the Ekotex shop then please do use our affiliate link here. If you have any questions about what props you might need or what would suit you best then just reach out!

Yoga at home with yoga props and a cat

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