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Vinyasa or Slow Flow?

We get this question alllll the time so we thought it would be a good idea to share a little bit more about our classes so that you can consider which classes will work best for you.

The translation of the word "vinyasa" simply means "to place in a special way". The interpretation of this is a yoga class where one pose flows into the next. Our teachers create beautiful and inventive vinyasa sequences. There will be transitions that are regularly used but every vinyasa class is completely different. We tend to label our stronger flow classes as a vinyasa class, and a slower flow class as a slow flow class.

A useful distinction between the two is that vinyasa focuses on strength and stretch, whereas a slow flow class is likely to focus far more on stretch than strength.

All of our yoga classes will involve an element of breathwork and meditation, along with the other vital elements of yoga.

Beginners are welcome in all of our classes, but some beginners may prefer to try a slower class to begin with.

We always recommend that you give some of each of our classes a try so that you can ascertain which ones work best for you.

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