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Studio Yoga Classes

We are DELIGHTED to be able to offer studio yoga classes once again. We cannot wait to be in the same room as our wonderful yogis, to hear their breath and to feel their energy!

We will be returning slowly so for now there will be three group classes on the schedule, starting on 27th May.

Thursdays at 6.15pm - Vinyasa with Vanessa - a 45 minute creative flow to build strength and flexibility

Saturdays at 10am - Vinyasa with Laura - a 60 minute slower flow to nurture your body and mind

Tuesdays at 12.30pm - Vinyasa with Vanessa - a 45 minute quickie session to recenter yourself during your lunch break

We would love to see you back at the studio at these fabulous classes. You can book your spot here.

These classes will also be live-streamed for our online members so if you plan to stay home for a little while longer then that's fine too! To join our online membership for just £20 a month then head here.

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