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The Science Behind Lavender Eye Pillows

We all know that lavender has calming properties and it is good to be able to block out the light to relax fully, but these are not the only reason why lavender eye pillows are so relaxing.

The light weight on the eyelids actually helps stimulate the vagus nerve which is the main component of the parasympathetic nervous system. The parasympathetic nervous system is in charge of controlling your mood, your immune system, digestion and heart rate.

The slight pressure on this nerve sends a response to the rest of the body, and that response is that of relaxation and pleasure.

Of course blocking out the light is beneficial as it cuts out visual stimulation and helps train the brain to relax. Over time your brain will start associating the eye pillow with relaxation and it can help to use the eye pillow just before bed as well as during relaxation in a yoga class.

We have created a variety of different patterns of eye pillows which will be available to purchase at the studio, but in the mean time you can purchase them in our etsy shop here.

Handmade in Bristol, lavender eye pillow yoga accessory

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