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Hatha Flow Yoga with Nicole

We are delighted to welcome the lovely Nicole to the CSY team.

Nicole moved to Bristol from South Africa in January 2020 and has been teaching some online classes during lockdown. She is really excited to be teaching in real life at the studio.

Nicole initially found her way to yoga while working in a stressful job as a lawyer. She was finding that the litigation she was doing at work, was extending into her personal life and it was suggested to her that yoga might help her with calming her anger.

It truly did. Yoga changed Nicole's life and so she soon trained to become a teacher so that she could begin to help others change their lives.

Nicole teaches a soft and gentle style of yoga. She will guide you to flow through nourishing postures, while bringing a focus to the breath, and the alignment and feel of your own body. You are guaranteed to feel more grounded, connected with your body, and a calmness which you can take with you into your daily life.

Join Nicole every Thursday at 7.30pm by booking in here.

See you on the mat.

hatha yoga for beginners Clifton Bristol

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