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Where is the studio?

We are housed in Inchbrook Mills which is between Stroud and Nailsworth, We are next door to Renishaw. Access is either along Bath Road, or from the common through Amberley.  


Inchbrook Mills is on Gydynap Lane. The entrance to the Mills is opposite Polly's nursery. There are some stairs in that car park, you'll head up the stairs,  the first door is our treatment room, and the fifth door is the entrance to our main studio where reformer pilates, yoga and aerial yoga take place. 

Where can I park?

You can park in the spaces marked in blue at all times, and the spaces marked pink post 6pm and on Weekends. 

As you turn onto Gydynap Lane, there is some street parking available.

Within Inchbrook Mills car park you can use any of the spaces with our logo on during the day, and in the evening and weekend you can park anywhere on the left.  Please be aware that you cannot park in the spaces marked for the Clay Loft as they are open outside of usual office hours.

There is a road that runs behind the Mills car park that has space for parallel parking, this is often the best place to park during the day.

There is a larger car park behind us that often has space - access is the next turning along from us - if you were driving towards Stroud. We have illustrated this on the map here. This is a great place to park if arriving for 5 or 6pm - as sometimes Polly's can be very busy at this time, so you can avoid driving into Gydynap Lane.

The Polly's nursery car park can be used outside of their hours (Mon-Fri 8am-6pm).

You can park in the spaces marked in blue at all times, & the spaces marked pink post 6pm and on Weekends.
How to access the larger car park behind us.


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How do I change my booking?

You can log into your dashboard at or on the momence app. You can manage all of your bookings and memberships there.

What is your cancellation policy?

We ask for 24 hours notice for our weekly classes, and 7 days notice for our events. If you cancel ahead of this window you will be recredited so you can rebook. 

What should I bring?

We supply all props but you are welcome to bring your own. We have a water machine and cups but you can bring your own re-useable bottle if you prefer. 

What should I wear?

Something you feel comfortable moving in, that won't restrict your movement. Please don't wear any jewellery or zips if attending an aerial class as it can snag the fabric. 

Is it suitable for beginners?

All of our classes are suitable for beginners, but we do recommend that you are generally active and that you have obtained your doctor's advice if you have any health conditions or injuries. 

Can I still come if I have injuries or a health condition?

If your doctor says it is safe then you are more than welcome. We do ask that you provide information on your health on booking, and that you arrive 5-10 minutes before class to discuss with your teacher.

Can I still come if I am pregnant?

You can come along to Hattie's classes if you are pregnant, as she has pre-natal training and is happy to offer modifications for you within her classes. 

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