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Pre and Post Natal Classes with Jo

The wonderfully warm and friendly Jo will be joining the CSY team from August, offering Parent&Baby Yoga, Pregnancy Yoga, and Yin Yoga. Something for everyone!

Parent and Baby Yoga is a practice that is specially designed to support the postnatal body as well as introduce the health benefits of yoga to your growing baby.

Focusing on linking breath to gentle movement, you will work to restore the body post birth, with special attention to supporting the core and lower back while releasing stored tension and reinvigorating the whole body.

There will be stretching for baby too! Baby yoga supports gross motor development, promotes calm and helps babes take pleasure in the discovery of their bodies. Often movement is paired with singing and rhyme so that babies can begin to learn cognitively as well as stay entertained.

You can expect a warm and playful space to share and move together where you are free to make yourself at home and tend to your little ones needs as well as your own.

Pregnancy yoga is suitable from 14 weeks. No previous yoga experience is necessary as pregnancy yoga is completely different practice.

Jo will guide you through breath work, mindfulness techniques and postures that will assist you in both your birth and your day to day life. You will connect with your baby, and your body, surrounded by others who will no doubt become your friends!

This gentle and calm movement practice is suitable for all levels. Regardless of who you are or what your physical abilities are, Jo will create a space for you to connect with your body, your breath, and your practice.

Yin yoga involves deep pose holds, finding a comfortable edge while supported by props. Expect breath work, meditation, and holds in yin postures, at a level suitable for you.

Book in by tapping the class name above or head to the studio yoga page here.

pregnancy and mum and baby yoga in Clifton Bristol

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