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Aerial Yoga at CSY!

Whilst we offer many classes at CSY, the studio was created with aerial yoga in mind!

We have specialist rigging from which our hammocks are hung safely so that students can practice aerial yoga with us.

Our aerial yoga classes are suitable for all levels. We encourage complete beginners to join us and try it out!

The hammocks are a wonderful way to explore your yoga practice, and to have fun while doing so!

You will be supported as you stretch. The hammock encourages better alignment and helps you to enter poses on a deeper level. There's nothing like a hammock stretch!

You will be challenged to become stronger. The hammock makes many strength exercises more accessible, and progressions are available to make these exercises harder! You will soon notice that your strength improves after a few classes.

You will flow through creative yoga sequences in a completely different way to the norm. The hammock will help you balance in some poses, and challenge your balance in others.

You will be supported in inversions. Our aerial yoga classes all involve some inversions. The hammock will hold you while you enjoy the benefits of hanging upside down. You will gain core control getting into these poses, and you will enjoy a deeper stretch upside down. Inversions are extremely beneficial for the body, the benefits include: lower blood pressure, a calming feeling, energising, better sleep, decompression for the spine, promotes fresh blood flow throughout the body, and it boosts your digestion.

You will end every aerial yoga class with a nap in the hammock! The best savasana.

We offer four weekly aerial yoga group classes:

Monday @ 6pm

Wednesday @ 7.30pm

Saturday @ 10am

Sunday @ 4pm

These can be booked through the bookings section.

We also offer private group sessions for up to 6 people. Email us with some dates and we can get you and your group booked in!

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